Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Cadence?

Career Cadence helps college students and young professionals with their job/career search. We use small group workshops to help our customers figure out what kind of jobs they are interested in. We also help them to understand how what they offer (their story) is different from everyone else. We don't focus on resumes, cover letters, interview skills or finding job postings. We don't use one size fits all solutions. Rather, our company's goal is to teach our customers how to identify the right job for them and to articulate how that job personally fits them.

What kind of results can I expect from the workshop?

Our approach has landed people jobs, gotten others into graduate school, and helped others decide how to spend their upper class years in college. Will you walk away from our seminar with a job in hand? No. Will your resume be better formatted? No. Instead, you'll learn how to pursue jobs outside of resume drops. You'll also walk away with the ability to identify what jobs you would like and the ability to explain to anyone how you're the right person for the job. Look at past customer stories to see our results.

Does Career Cadence make sense for me?

It depends on what you're looking for. If you want job postings, go to Or Monster. Or HotJobs. If you are struggling to identify the right jobs for you or how to effectively communicate your skills and interests, you've come to the right place. During our workshop, you will build these tools. We've worked with undergrads, graduate students, and working young professionals. We run workshops for young people by young people.

What does a workshop look like?

Each workshop has a small group of peers (~groups of 12), often people from the same college. We build an environment where you feel comfortable asking questions and can get the most out of the workshop. We provide a little background information and give opportunities for questions. For the most part, though, you are working through a series of exercises. In 5 hours, you:
1) Work through a clear step-by-step approach.
2) Leverage the resources that make the hard stuff simple.
3) Gain insights from peers working through the same process.
4) Get advice from experts who have been in your shoes.
5) Walk away knowing which jobs are your right fit and how to craft & customize your message.

At the end of the workshop, what do I actually get?

You'll walk away with a notebook full of resources that you created: your personalized assessment results, jobs and job characteristics that align with who you are, a one page sheet that you created defining your ideal job, and a one page sheet that you created that shows your unique value proposition for employers, among others. You'll also have a follow-up action plan.

Why a workshop format (instead of say one-on-one)?

As students, we spend years becoming skilled at learning in the classroom. The classroom offers opportunities to learn from peers, ask questions of instructors, get help from friends, and also guide our own understanding of the material. It's an environment where we are very comfortable learning.

Who are typical Career Cadence customers?

-College seniors entering the job market

-Young professionals who want to switch careers

-PhD, MBA & master's students seeking clarity on the search

-Prospective graduate students wanting a great application

-Sophomores and juniors who want to land that internship

Business majors, non-profit focused individuals and everyone in between.

Who teaches the workshop?

Each workshop has two leaders. One is a young professional intimately familiar with the job search process. This person is likely a recruiter or a recent MBA (who just spent two years training and practicing how to get a job). The other is likely a career development professional who has been formally trained in coaching and personal development.

How accurate is the assessment?

Hundreds of people have taken the Distill assessment to help ensure its results are valid. But our assessment is entirely self-report, not a crystal ball. The more honest you are in completing the assessment the more accurate it will be. For you, it'll be a tool for the job search and for us, a basis for several exercises in the workshop.

Why are you better than everything on the web or help from a family friend?

All of our energy is dedicated to making one five-hour workshop really, really good. We're betting our livelihoods on the quality of this product. So Career Cadence is not a gimmick or some goofy personality test that will make you feel better. Our program is continuously revised based on the feedback we get and new information we receive. We're better because we're so focused.

Is the the workshop just some mediocre intro product so I'll spend more money later?

Our workshop is our core prSo it may sound cheesy, but people like yourself created it. There are tons of other college students and young professionals who are lost on the job search process. They complained and wished for something better. We felt the same way (we're young professionals ourselves). We listened to your requests to put together our program. The founders leveraged their MBA training, with hundreds of hours of research, and a team of career related psychologists and career development professionals. Our goal was to do things differently, to make this process as simple as possible. See About Us to learn more about founders or click here to watch a video of them talking about Career Cadence.oduct. We want you to walk away from the workshop saying you had an unbelievable experience.

Do you offer private group workshops?

Yes, to schedule a group workshop, please contact us.

I've already read your website. How can I learn more about the company?

Take a look at our blog. Look at the About Us section. Or contact us.

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