About Us

From Alan and Paul:

We created Career Cadence as a service we wanted for ourselves. When we were seniors in college, both of us had no idea what to do after graduation. We both wanted a career that we would enjoy, not just a decent payday. Graduating and work experience didn’t make it much clearer. We believe that there is be a better way.

Meet the founders:

Paul Holzer

As a member of Gen X, I know what it’s like living in a culture of overachievement where daily happiness stems from how much we get accomplished. I know how little time is spent answering the most important question of all: “what makes us happy?” I’m here to encourage people to ask that question and then to find the answer to the question that follows it, “Now what?”

Formerly, I worked as the director of a nonprofit program, an administrator at a charter school, and business manager of a social enterprise. I did my MBA at Yale School of Management & my BA at Dartmouth College.

I enjoy grilling out, cycling, taking weekend roadtrips, and giving leadership and career development seminars. Currently, I am co-authoring a book with my wife entitled, “Ivy League and Lost,” that shines a spotlight on how the private liberal arts college education leaves many seniors in a pinch when it comes to choosing a career path after graduation.

Alan C.

I’ve seen too many friends and classmates enter the working world energetic and optimistic, and not too long after, turn into a shadow of who they once were. I’ve experienced the pressure to “find a job now” as an undergraduate and now as a grad student. It’s time for a new and simple process that filters out the noise on careers and gets you where you want.

Formerly I was a trainer and project leader in the field of public finance. Positive Psychology geek, I studied under Marty Seligman. I received my MBA from the Yale School of Management and my BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve taught at Quinnipiac University and have served as a consultant to Yale’s Undergraduate Career Services, and also started a web business called Interview Success Formula.

I enjoy grilling, poker, the shore, mediocre tennis, and working on my first book “Crafting the Perfect Career”.

Watch Alan and Paul talk about Career Cadence: