Organizational Clients

Below are examples of some of the organizations we’ve served:

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Teach for America (TFA)

As TFA core members approach the end of their two years of service, they must decide on their next career move. Career Cadence helped with this transition for second-year teachers working in Connecticut.

Feedback from participant Jessie Howington:

“Thank you again for the fantastic workshop you presented to the TFA 2nd year corps members at our February professional development. This was one of the most helpful sessions I have ever been to. I am eternally grateful for all of your help in unwrapping my personal mission statement and giving me guidance on which jobs would be best for me. Your workshop was truly invaluable!”

Amherst College

As part of its January term, the Amherst College Career Center hosts two days of workshops for their undergraduate students. Career Cadence provided a group of upperclassmen with greater clarity on their after-graduation plans.

Feedback from Allyson Moore, Career Center Director, Associate Dean of Students:

“I’ve been in the career development and recruitment fields for more than 15 years at some of America’s top universities and companies, and I’m very impressed with Career Cadence. Its one of a kind interactive workshops really jumpstart a student’s job search – taking them from an often overwhelming, scattershot approach to a process focused on landing the right job for them.”


NASA joined forces with the Hispanic College Fund to build a program for minority undergraduates in science and technology (MUST). At their annual Symposium, we helped their 100 fellows, from universities across the country, to develop their story and rethink their resume.

Feedback from David Jones, UC Merced student, when asked what he thought was valuable at the session:

“What didn’t I find valuable would be a better question.”

Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

After studying for a PhD, some students discover that they do not want to pursue a career path in academics. In our workshop, we helped these individuals both identify other options and strengthen their networking skills.

Feedback from PhD student Anthony Berryhill:

“I wish I could make Career Cadence mandatory for all PhDs–whether they are interested in academia or not. It would serve them all well…

Career Cadence provided concrete workshops which quickly allowed me to see my own skills, abilities and talents and how those are immediately translatable to job interviews, cover letters and resumes.”


Avodah provides a fellowship for recent college graduates to serve nonprofits connected to the Jewish faith. As part of New York City’s professional development, Career Cadence dropped in.

Feedback from participant, Hassan Bhatti:

“All of it was very useful for me, a person who needed to concretize a career path and reaffirm how my personal values met with this career path.”

National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)

As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage the leadership and success of young Latino’s, NSHMBA hosts annual conferences for college students. They brought us in to educate these young people about their many potential career opportunities, during one of these conferences.

Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Program

Mary Warner, Assistant Dean of Yale Medical School, wanted her soon-to-graduate third years to be thoroughly prepped for the job search, to know what their ideal job descriptions and ideal organizations looked like, and to have the CV, interview, and personal marketing skills to land the jobs they wanted. Career Cadence made it happen.

Feedback from Corinne Pogemiller:

“Career Cadence absolutely must be a part of the third year curriculum. I feel so much better prepared, so much more confident about both FINDING a job that is right for me (and knowing what that looks like), and GETTING the job I want because I know how to market myself for it.”

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (FES)

Through our workshop, we helped FES students identify their unique skills and enhance their ability to market themselves.

Feedback from attendee Jing Ma:

“The workshop is really helpful! The lecture was great, and the exercise part is even greater! I do hope that I can put what I’ve learned into practice.”