Student Groups

We’ve run workshops for student groups at both the undergraduate and MBA level. Read about some examples experiences:

Dartmouth Women in Business (WIB)

As TFA core members approach the end of their two years of service, they must decide on their next career move. Career Cadence helped with this transition for second-year teachers working in Connecticut.

“The seminar surpassed my expectations and I truly appreciate the feedback and career direction you provided each of us. Everyone I’ve talked to found the event extremely helpful and engaging.”

– Adrienne Cohen, President of Dartmouth Women in Business

Boston University Pike Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (Pike)

As the largest fraternity on campus, Pike was looking for opportunities to provide unique educational opportunities for its members. We provided them such an opportunity, including the chance to develop their personal brand and practice their elevator pitch.

“We were excited to bring in a group that didn’t just talk about how to format a resume, but added real value for our career ambitions” – Adam Chovan, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Yale School of Management Latino Leadership Association (LLA)

Before its members attend the annual national conference, LLA wanted its members to be prepared to meet employers at the career fair. In our session, we helped them to both create their value proposition and learn to ask engaging questions.

“I had ample opportunity of practicing what we were taught in the course towards value proposition during the career fair… My value proposition was considerably stronger than people who didn’t attend the workshop. We exchanged tips and definitely people taking the workshop were leading on this part.” – Salvador Yanez, Club Officer

Harvard University Delta Gamma Sorority (DG)

A group of sophomores through seniors from DG attended our workshop. Their goals ranged from confirming their current career path to identifying new options after feeling stuck, through prepping for their upcoming senior year job search.

“What a great workshop! I learned so much about myself, and about careers that I never knew existed!” – Carolina Rialto, Sister of Delta Gamma

Stevens Institute American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM)

As engineering students, members of ASEM knew about career opportunities in supply chain management and manufacturing. But, club members were hungry to know about what else was out there and to strengthen their ability to land their target jobs.

“Career Cadence is above everyone else when it comes to career advice. I applied for the same job three times and never got a reply. After working with Career Cadence, I got a response within an hour and phone call on the same day. You are doing some magical stuff over there.” -Geraldo Rodriguez, Club Officer

Yale US Grant Program

A group of Yale students spent the summer working as teachers through the US Grant program. We helped them learn more about careers inside and outside of education.

“I found it comforting, hopeful, and immensely useful. It made me excited to apply to jobs, and the environment felt both casual and productive” – Kate Selker, 2010 US Grant Program Participant

University of Connecticut National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

In preparation for their upcoming national conference, we helped members of NSBE through a short workshop to develop their elevator pitches, which can be useful at career fairs, in cover letters, and in interviews

“I just wanted to thank you for what that mini session of Career Cadence has done for me; it’s completely changed the way I go about handling interviews and I have been more confident ever since. I recently got offered an internship position at Pitney Bowes for this summer. My GPA and technical experience may not necessarily compete with some other students but it was how I delivered my resume that really helped me snag that opportunity. So thanks again!” – J’Vaughn Johnson, President of NSBE

Other student groups we’ve served include:

Yale School of Management Net Impact club (socially responsible business) & Black Business Assocation, UMass Amherst Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Steven’s Institute of Technology Biomedical Engineering Society and National Society of Black Engineers.