Upcoming Workshops

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By participating in our seminar, you’ll get:

  • Personalized results to our 4-dimensional Distill™Career Assessment
  • Access to the Career Cadence Workshop Curriculum which includes:
    • Creating your Ideal Job Description step-by-step
    • Defining your right workplace culture
    • Identifying the jobs that are right for you (and those that aren’t)
  • Small group career advising from 2 workshop leaders
  • A field tested approach that quickly gives you focus and direction for your career search.
  • Hours of time saved from chasing jobs and careers you don’t want.

Guaranteed. If you feel our program wasn’t a worthwhile investment, just let us know up to 60 days after the session, and we’ll refund the cost.

More on price: On an hourly basis, our program has a lower cost than many classes offered by Kaplan, Princeton Review, or other companies. And it costs less than the lost wages from 2 days of unemployment.

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Program details:

Part 1: You’ll create the tools to identify your ideal job (2.5 hours)

  • Using the Distill™ Assessment, identify your key characteristics as they relate to work
  • Write the job description for the job you want
  • Learn about the structure of the working world
  • Identify the potential jobs and careers that fit you

Part 1: You’ll create the tools to identify your ideal job (2.5 hours)

Building your brand from the ground up including creating your pitch and writing your success stories.

  • Build your value proposition and personal brand
  • Write the stories that prove your talents
  • Practice your pitch
  • Learn how to job search beyond resume drops